Meethi Angeethi

Benefits of meethi angeethi

  • Organic cooking reduces blood pressure and diabetes

  • Lava rocks have a unique characteristic to provide a consistent temperature suitable for cooking.

  • Retains and radiates heat for faster cooking.

  • Life time Durability

  • Lava rocks, a good conductor of heat, are an innovative source of effective cooking.

  • Better barbecued food without conventional smoke hazards.

  • Use of Lava rocks LPG stove for cooking solves most challenges of cooking nutritious tasty food.

  • Absords excess fat and grease.

  • Lava rocks retain and reflect heat in the LPG stove and enhance the cooking process by absording excess oil.

SUNSHINE presents the latest range of modern kitchen stoves with the fusion oftheauthentic Indian angeethi. The food cooked on an angeethi was characterized bythedistinct flavor it used to add to the food. Sunshine brings you an innovative fusion of the traditional angeethi and a modern kitchen stove. It intelligently avoids the hazards associated with the coalbase dangeethi while retaining the benefits that come along with it.

Its unique design has the power to enchance the food value by absorbing excess fatandgrease.It can also be used for barbecuing at home without the conventional smoke hazards. The Lava burner saves energy by retaining and radiating heat for consistent cooking.It is an effective and organic way to cook as it reduces blood pressure and controls diabetes.Thecherry on the cake is the lifetime durability of these amazing Lava burners guaranteeing performance and go0d health for you and yourfamily.Get Sunshine in your Life.

What is Lava Rocks?

Lava rocks do a great job of capturing the heat from the flame.

  • Customized cast Iron burners that have a dual utility. they can be filled up with Lava rocks, forming the Meethi Angeethi.or it can be used as a regular burners without Lava rocks.

  • The Meethi Angeethi burners when filled with the Lava rocks is the fusion of the traditional angeethi and the Kitchen Stove.

  • The Lava rocks when heated by the flame, work as coal.the only difference is that they are durable and do not diminish like the regularcoal.

Innovative use of meethi angeethi

  • Grill included in the pack

  • Skewers included in the pack