Built-In Hobs


Built-in hobs from Sunshine, are very aesthetically appealing, and are sure to add style and grace to your kitchen and home. Our hobs will easily blend with the overall aesthetics of your contemporary kitchen and give a luxurious feel to it. They will create a modern style statement with their sleek and sophisticated looks, and leave an impression on your guests who visit

Both - a gas stove and a built-in hob serve the same purpose. The big difference really lies in the way they are integrated in to your kitchen. Built-in hobs are designed to seamlessly fit into the kitchen slab while gas stoves are freestanding cooking appliances.

To install built-in hobs, the granite counter top/slab in your kitchen will need to be simply cut to create a cavity. After the hob is installed, only the burners and the top of the hob will be visible. Other elements such as the gas pipe are not seen.

Built-in hobs are definitely easier to use - while cooking meals, you often have to lift the heavy utensils loaded with food and place them on top of utensil stands. This becomes very easy when you have a built-in hob, as it is at the same level as the kitchen slab.