Considering the scale of our operations in SUNSHINE, the opportunities we have and the magnitude of our impact on the lives of our customers, the only way to we can describe every day here is...Awesome!

We at Sunshine have aimed to create a performance driven, process efficient and people-friendly learning organizations, where the best and the brightest would work together to create a responsive, respectful and delightful work environment. Our teams work together across functional boundaries.

New horizons beckon, and our constant and rapid expansion means that we're always embarking on new ventures and adventures. Here is an opportunity for you to be a part of this phenomenal growth! Sunshine is offering exceptional opportunities for exceptional people. We believe in the continuous development of our people and ensure that everyone is equipped with the skills needed in one's role. However, these roles aren't just limited to retail, we need people with skills in areas from HR to Finance, to IT, Marketing and Logistics to Site & Strategic Research.

We invite quality people - with aspiration and capability to touch the lives of millions of Indians - to join our team.

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