Glass Top Gas Stoves

SUNSHINE has been applauded for manufacturing the best-in-class gas stoves for decades now. If you are looking for a innovative and efficient cooktop for your kitchen, your search ends here. We pay special attention to safety and security of our client's homes with all our cooktops secured against leakage.

Our glass top gas stove range is available in a variety of styles. These gas stoves are available in both automatic-ignition and manual-ignition. In our auto-ignition variants, there is a push start with a life of around 50,000 cycles.

We also have gas stoves varying in capacity from one-burner to four-burner gas stoves for different family sizes and budgets. The burners on the cooktops are well-spaced to accommodate even large utensils comfortably.

Our quality assurance policy ensures that you get the best products and best value for money. The glass top of the stoves is toughened enough to withstand light impacts and can last for a long time.

Our products and brass burners come with a valid warranty. If you face any problem with your SUNSHINE product, you can contact our customer support and they will help solve any issue without any hassles.

With the supportive staff at Sunshine Kitchen Appliances, you will be pleased to shop with us. Our shopping guides are dedicated to helping you in understanding our products so that you could choose the best product for yourself. The payment options we provide are secure and simple, which allow you to make your purchase without any trouble. We, at Sunshine Kitchen Appliances, endeavour to provide 100% satisfaction and build a long-lasting relationship with you.

Meethi Angeethi

For people who miss the traditional Indian flavour of an angeethi in their food, we have an innovative product - Meethi Angeethi. It is a perfect blend of a traditional angeethi and a modern-day gas stove. The Meethi Angeethi uses lava rocks for cooking to provides heat to the food being cooked. The lava rocks are good for radiation of heat and absorption of excess oil, which makes your food healthy. This is indeed, a fuel efficient way of cooking. Meethi Angeethi allows you to cook your food organically so you can maintain the maximum nutritive value of your food, which inturn, regulates your blood pressure and diabetes.

Our Meethi angeethi not only gives you a sense of traditional cooking, but it also gives your kitchen a perfectly modern look. The Meethi angeethi is available on a stylish good-looking glass top, which will definitely add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen’s look. We provide Meethi angeethi in four different variants - single burner, two burners, three burners and four burner.