Meethi Angeethi Gas Stoves

Re-discover the Magic of Slow Cooking

In olden times, meals had fulsome flavours and melting tenderness. Cooked over the low-slow heat of coal, you could feel the presence of each spice separately in all the dishes. Those meals, truly, were the definition of taste. Fortunately, you can have all that burst of flavour and juicy texture in your everyday meals, minus the hazards of cooking with coal. That’s the promise of Sunshine’s new range of fusion stoves. Topped with lava stones, these stoves combine the features of traditional Indian Angeethi and the hassle-free management of the modern cookware. With Sunshine, bring the old magic of flavourful slow cooking back into your life. The slow cooking method is not only ideal for excellent culinary experiences, but it also cooks the food without damaging the vital nutrients. The low temperature keeps all the healthy elements intact and absorbs excess fat and harmful grease. This way, you can keep blood pressure and diabetes under control. And yet, that’s not all, with Sunshine’s Meethi Angeethi, you never have to fear the food getting burnt! Meethi Angeethi is also good at multitasking. Whether it’s an open-air barbeque party or a cosy family dinner, this will work just fine for you. Get more time for life and simplify cooking.


Topmost Benefits of Meethi Angeethi:

Welcome to the smart kitchen

  • Sunshine brings smartness in your kitchen. With future-ready features, these fusion stoves will not only make life easier for you but also add that extra zing in your cooking.

Green solution

  • The lava top is an alternative to coal, yet it bypasses all the hazards associated with cooking with coal. Lava also retains consistent temperature and reflects heat, thus saving energy.

Organic cooking

  • The low-temperature cooking retains all the delicate ingredients and makes the food flavourful. This also makes them easy to digest.

High on health

  • The low-slow cooking makes all the dishes healthy by absorbing extra fat and grease. With Meethi Angeethi, now you have the control over health problems like blood pressure diabetes, weight gain, cholesterol and other related conditions.

Lifetime warranty

  • The lava tops of the stoves come with a lifetime warranty. While the heat-conserving quality of lava saves you energy, the tough structure saves you money and maintenance troubles.

More joy, less jostle

  • As the slow cooking method never burns or damages food, you can enjoy doing other chores and have time for fun.

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Meethi Angeethi Glass Top

Sunshine Kitchen Appliances is an online shopping appliance, which has been providing customers, innovative solutions for all their kitchen related needs. With our online shopping portal, people will not only find the best products available in the market for their kitchen but also shopping here is a fun due to our user-friendly shopping interface and supportive customer support.
For people who miss the traditional Indian flavour of an angeethi in their food, we have an innovative product, which is Meethi Angeethi. Meethi angeethi is an innovative product provided by Sunshine Kitchen Appliances, which is a perfect blend of traditional angeethi and modern-day gas stove. The Meethi angeethi uses lava rocks for cooking and providing heat to the food being cooked. The lava rocks are good in the radiation of heat and absorption of excess oil, which make it healthy and fuel efficient way of cooking. Meethi Angeethi allows you to cook your food organically so you can maintain the maximum nutritive value of your food, and also, regulate your blood pressure and diabetes.
Our Meethi angeethi not only gives you a sense of traditional cooking, but it also gives your kitchen a perfectly modern look. The Meethi angeethi is available with a stylish and elegant looking glass top, which will definitely add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen’s look. We provide Meethi angeethi in four different variants which are a single burner, two burners, three burners and four burner Meethi angeethi so you can easily choose one that suits your needs and your family size.
The simple payment options at our online shopping portal make it very easy for you to make payment. We accept credit cards and debit cards issued from all leading banks in India. Also, we at Sunshine Kitchen Appliances provide free shipping with our express delivery service, you will have your product at your doorsteps in no time.


Meethi Angeethi Stainless Steel

With the changing time, kitchen appliances are also changing and Sunshine Kitchen Appliances is a place where you can find all the products that can relate to the modern changing world of kitchen appliances. At Sunshine Kitchen Appliances, we are dedicated to providing you with the most innovative and interesting products that will make your kitchen an interesting place.
One such innovative product is a Meethi angeethi, which is introduced by Sunshine Kitchen Appliances. It is a revolutionary product combining the joy of traditional cooking on angeethi and the convenience of modern day gas cooking. If you also miss the traditional flavour of the food cooked on an angeethi, then Meethi angeethi is for you. In a Meethi angeethi, lava rocks are used for giving food the ultimate flavour. Lava rocks are a modern alternative to the traditional coal used on angeethi, hence you get all the benefits of coal, but you get to escape all the inconvenience caused by coal.  Additionally, the lava rocks are the best for absorbing excess oil from the food, which is good for your health and gives you a perfect way of barbecue. Additionally, the lava rocks are good in radiating the heat, which makes it an energy efficient option for grilling and barbecuing.
The Meethi angeethi of stainless steel has a sturdy design and a sleek look, which gives your kitchen a classy and aesthetic appeal. It comes with a set of two-skewers to make grilling and roasting convenient and easy for you.
At any time while shopping at our shopping portal, if you feel any inconvenience, you can contact our support team, which will be happy to help you anytime. With our affordable prices and so many easy payment options, you can easily purchase the product and receive it at your doorsteps in a few days.